Fly XC in Patú 2019

Brazil Tour – Fly XC in Patú 2019

The dream of any pilot is to make the flight of your life!

In Patú, a small and quiet Brazilian city located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, is the perfect place to offer the pilots their XC flight record, with fantastic take-off conditions, much more accessible than the already known flight site of Quixadá. However, if you want to run after a dream flight, this is still a place to take off early, on average the best take-off conditions are until 6.30am, this on very good days to run behind your dream.

For the pilot who is looking for his 200km flight, this becomes a perfect place, has a very safe start of flight, since the plain begins just behind the takeoff, allowing to make your flight safely after leaving the takeoff.

For the pilot who already has the objective of 400km flight, he can continue his dream flight in plain, without obstacles or difficulties such as those of Quixadá, with several venturis and leewards. The 400km are made until the arrival of the famous plateau of Puranga, a place that always has a greater difficulty to overcome, especially its first 20km, due to the compression of the winds in this region where the terrain rises 600m.

Patú is still a wonderful place to dream of flights over 500km without entering the state of Maranhão, after entering this state the difficulties increase by the arrival of the area of ​​the Palmeiras, very dense terrain of high vegetation and very reduced landing sites .

Patú is a place with very safe routes for flights over 500km, with the arrival in Piripiri we already have a flight above 500km, and with the arrival in Campo Grande also surpasses that mark.

From Patú the pilot can dream that one day the world record can be yours, when we are doing flights with more than 500km, on a special day, with the best decision-making, it is the dream of any pilot and who knows “Beat the World Record.”

The dream has no Limits … Come fly and dream in our company!

This Tour includes:

– This tour is only valid for one or three pilots and for the period of seven days in the period from 4 October to 27 October 2019

– Accommodation

– Breakfast

– Airport shuttle Fortaleza / Patú / Fortaleza *

– Daily transfer for takeoff

– Real-time monitoring via Spot (you must have your own spot)

– pilot recovery up to km 250 included. (after km 250, a value of 150 reais extra is charged, every 100km)

– Technical support by expert local XC pilots

– T-shirt Adventures


* Airport shuttle availability:

– 11:00am / 11:00pm – Fridays (Departs to/from Fortaleza)
– 01:00pm – Saturdays (Departs from Fortaleza)
– 09:00am / 02:00pm –  Sundays (Departs to/from Fortaleza)


Tour exclusions:

– Flight(airplane ticket);

– Insurances (personal injury and collision risk insurance);

– Food;

Flight equipment;

What you will need:

– Your own flying equipment (glider, harness , reserve, helmet, variometer, radio VHF, Vario and Spot equipment);

– Required advanced flight level IPPI 4 or IPPI5;

– Before takeoff and after landing check allways your flight equipment;

– Check your flight instruments and their batteries (Vario, Spot, Radio);

– Check your reserve parachute;

– Check the strings and the fabric of your wing;

– Schedule your waipoints;

– Fly on coordination flight frequency and switch to rescue frequency after landing;

– Do not turn off the radio on landing, keep it allways close to you

– Always take 2L of water or more with you;

– Take food for flight and after landing (fruit, energy bars, carbohydrates);

– A simple offer for children that will certainly appear when landing;

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