Glider Adventures

Glider Adventures

Described as the “ultimate free flying experience”, to fly without an engine is graceful and silent. For many enthusiasts, it is this peace which is one of the main attractions of this form of flight.

This exhilarating gliding experience takes you up to the clouds and back as you coast above the most beautiful views of the Portuguese countryside.

Enjoy a relaxed and calm flight whilst taking in the natural scenery and vast landscapes the country side has to offer!

Gliding is like in the other form of air travel, soaring high above, sharing the sky with birds!

Up in the sky, let your self live the true freedom, with the whistling sound of the wind and the feeling of deep peace!

– Adventure requires reservation and availability.

– This Adventure has a duration of approximately 20 to 35 minutes.

– Included personal injury and collision risk insurance.

– To arrange date and time contact us.

The accomplishment of this adventure may be dependent on the weather conditions of the day.

– Reservation with a minimum of eight days

– You should confirm this Adventure two days before the date.

– This Adventure has also included photos. (The photos will sent you later on).

– On the day of this Adventue bring suitable clothing for outdoor activity and weather conditions, warm clothing, mountain boots or tennis shoes.

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