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Brazil – Tour XC Patú 2019 – One Pilot


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This tour is only valid for one pilot and for the period of seven days in the period from 4 October to 27 October 2019

The dream of any pilot is to make the flight of your life!

In Patú, a small and quiet Brazilian city located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, is the perfect place to offer the pilots their XC flight record, with fantastic take-off conditions, much more accessible than the already known flight site of Quixadá. However, if you want to run after a dream flight, this is still a place to take off early, on average the best take-off conditions are until 6.30am, this on very good days to run behind your dream.

From Patú the pilot can dream that one day the world record can be yours, when we are doing flights with more than 500km, on a special day, with the best decision-making, it is the dream of any pilot and who knows “Beat the World Record.”

The dream has no Limits … Come fly and dream in our company!