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Kayak in Sesimbra

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Have you ever found yourself looking for some new challenges and new ways to get active?

Kayaking is the perfect experience, that combines fisical and mental health benefits. Kayak is a small, narrow watercraft which is propelled by means of a double bladed paddle taht provides a peaceful and meditative way of improving your fisical condition, an aerobic sport that will give you much more resaons to get in toutch with nature.

This excelent activity allow us to observe nature close and personal and get involved in the perfect cristal blue water of the portuguese sea.

In Portugal we are lucky to have a stunning coastline, with amazing and wild beaches, perfect conditions to do this activity. We use kayaks suitable for beginners, easy to learn and enjoy!

Sea kayak is fun and safe for everybody.

Allow yourself to discover the liquid history of this beautiful country!